Fortress Rust Converter is a unique rust destroying primer for iron & steel surfaces combining a unique blend of reactive agents, solvents & resins in the form of a clear brown liquid. When applied to iron or steel surfaces it acts as a combined rust neutraliser, rust proofer & primer. Fortress Rust Converter functions by a complex chain of chemical reactions. It reacts with any rust present on the metal surface & with a micro-thin layer of the sound metal underneath, to form a stable iron-tannate compound, bonded strongly to the surface to form a firm, rust-proofed foundation for paint.

Fortress Rust Converter is particularly effective in highly corrosive industrial or marine atmospheres. Some of the typical applications are: structural steelwork or ironwork of all kinds, including load-bearing stanchions & roof-trusses, cranes, ships structures, vehicle bodies, chemical plant & pipework, machine bodies & frames, bins & tanks, agricultural machines, gates, railings, guttering & garden tools, etc.

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