We supply & install a wide range of Security Grilles for windows & doors. Basic or decorative, fixed, hinged or removable (security grilles that look like leaded lights, easily removed for cleaning windows a safety exit), from original decorative wrought iron scroll work for period style properties to honey comb punched steel mesh window protection for offices.

We also supply & install sliding & folding trellis systems for doors, frontages & windows, all in a variety of materials & finishes. Including counter top & bar shutters.

Security grilles are a more permanent security solution for those areas where highly visible physical security is required. Robust and effective, our security grilles can be adapted to fit any size of window or other opening.

 Sliding & folding grilles open
 & close like a pair of
 curtains, ideal in office &
 domestic situations.

 A steel mesh grille provides
 unobtrusive protection
 against burglary &


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